Massiv in Mensch is a German industrial musical duo made up of Daniel Logemann and Mirco Osterthun (Varel/Germany). They have been signed to Artoffact since 2001. When they play live, they use additional support from Jonathan Millat, Muck Kemmereit and Marwin Voß. The band was invited to play thrice at Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig in 2000, 2005 and 2012.

Their album Menschdefekt rose to 16th place in January 2005 on the French Alternative Charts. The 2006 release Clubber Lang is their most successful album to date, staying four weeks on the German Alternative charts and topping at number 6.

Despite the fact that most of their lyrics are in German, Massiv in Mensch is quite popular and well known in the world industrial music scene.


Daniel Logemann – Programming, Sampling, Keyboards, Vocals, Lyrics
Jonathan Millat – Guitar
Marwin Voß – Bass
Tomas Appelhoff – Vocals, Mastering
Muck Kemmereit – Drums
Sara Peel – Vocals

Former Members

Sarah Folkens (Vocals)
Holger Schuhmann (Keyboards, Guitar)
Sebastian Schollenberger (Live Keyboards)
Anna-Maria Straatmann (Vocals)
Dirk Brunken (DJ, Visuals)
Mirco Osterthun (Co-Programming)